Ankit Agrawal

I have roadeo turner mtb bike it is really cool bike... maintenance is also not much.. Since 10yrs i havethis bikei have no problem in my bike and also get bst gear of shimano which other co. Bicycles not give..!!! I love my roadeo

Ankit Agrawal2017-04-29T09:11:28+00:00

Abhishek Srivastava

When I ride my Roadeo, it feels like we are not two.. But we are one. Its balancing and control while biking on rough terrain is great and as what is required by a good MTB. When we come to looks.... Man..!! Love at first sight is a true concept. I love My Roadeo..

Abhishek Srivastava2017-04-29T09:28:47+00:00

Anand Gupta

I not know I win/ not win but I have a Heculess rihno in amazing finised i just love this Hercules bikes and i am fan of this bike company thank you

Anand Gupta2017-04-29T09:12:36+00:00

Aravin Dakshan

Hercules Roadeo is stylish and lightweight.Very comfortable to ride the bike.Like to do stoppy in it and it comes as easy compared to any other bike.It gives a sporty look for the people, if they see anyone riding it.From my childhood, till now I wish to get it.Even if I become an adult I will [...]

Aravin Dakshan2017-04-29T09:29:11+00:00

Siva Chithambaram

Hercules Roadeo #TheRoadeoLife "Rocking Roadeo For Breaking Hurdles" I Love Hercules Roadeo Because it stole my little heart by its incredible performance stunning style powerful build in quality. "Rocking Roadeo For Breaking Hurdles"

Siva Chithambaram2017-04-29T09:12:19+00:00

Prahlad Krishna

Well the thing is, I like Hercules rodeo bicycles. When a friend of mine bought it, I wanted it too, but my mom and dad didn't buy me one. So one day I asked my friend if I could ride the cycle and he agreed. The moment I sat on it, I felt comfortable and [...]

Prahlad Krishna2017-04-29T09:13:06+00:00

Maisha Sharma Tangri

Hercules has always been at the fore front of manufacturing kids and teenage bicycles. The Roadeo range from Hercules which was introduced a few years ago has completely changed the face of teenage city bicycles.

Maisha Sharma Tangri2017-04-29T09:19:26+00:00

Gautam Nag

I love the "Hercules Hardliner for Adults 66.04 cm(26) Road bike Bicycle" with cool look & features like Shimano-18 spd Gear System, 26 x 2.1 Nylon-Black tyres, Steel -Hard Tail-26 X 17 frame, part of Easy Fire Shifters Brake Lever, Steel-Trouble free-Threadless front suspension & many more advanced features boasting a light and rigid frame, [...]

Gautam Nag2017-05-03T15:39:07+00:00

Mayur Shah

I love roadeo because these cycles are very styling. And it is also very comfortable in every place like onroad off road. everyone should ride cycle daily. This gives us two advantages. Firstly saving patrol and second body fitness.

Mayur Shah2017-04-29T09:09:24+00:00

Rishi Kumar Arora

There is not a single chance of hating a Hercules rodeo cycle one of the leading cycle brand with a sleek design and the cycles are very good. Love you Hercules rodeo your cycle defines speed and thrill so that makes me respect your cycles more and surely we love you. You have the cycles [...]

Rishi Kumar Arora2017-04-29T09:14:49+00:00